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Pricing made simple

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For Business

$6.80 $8.00

per user,
per month

Small to medium organizations who need centralized management tools

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  • Unlimited large channels (7000 people)
  • Unlimited one-to-one contacts
  • Photo, text, alert, and location sharing
  • In-app message playback
  • Talk priority within channels
  • Dispatch Hub
  • Contact, channel, and settings management
  • Multiple admins
  • MDM sign-in integration
  • Shared devices support
Dispatch analytics
  • Number of calls answered
  • Time to answer calls
  • Call duration
  • Individual dispatcher activity
  • Role-based user operations
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
Advanced collaboration
  • Maps
  • LMR interoperability
  • Communicate outside of your organization
  • APIs/SDKs access

For Enterprise

Large organizations who need a simple solution to complex problems

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  • Everything in the Business plan, plus:
Premium Support
  • Customized deployment configuration
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Service level agreements
Flexible deployment options
  • Cloud & on-premise options!
  • Multi-account deployments
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • HIPAA compliance
Billing convenience
  • Customized billing terms
  • Foreign currency billing

Zello is free for first responders.

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Push-to-talk is just the beginning

Premium features can be added and removed at any time. No contracts required.

Message Vault

$3.40 per user/per month $4.00 per user/per month

Save critical user communications across all channels directly into the cloud. Message Vault lets you quickly filter, download and play back audio, text, and picture messages directly from your management console.

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Emergency alerts

$1.70 per user/per month $2.00 per user/per month

Send channel-wide emergency messages at the touch of a button. Emergency alerts help your team stay safe and connected in critical situations with uninterrupted audio and location data sent to a dedicated emergency channel.

Learn about Emergency Alerts

Premium Maps

$2.55 per user/per month $3.00 per user/per month

Premium Maps, powered by Google Maps, allows administrators and dispatchers to track the location of their workforce. Determine the best routes for drivers, receive real time-traffic updates, alert employees of nearby hazards, and analyze trip efficiency using historical data.

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Dispatch Transcription

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Dispatchers can quickly scan the content and evaluate the urgency of calls with Dispatch Transcription on the Zello Dispatch Hub. This time-saving feature allows them to read drivers’ requests without having to stop what they’re doing, so they can easily juggle multiple tasks at once.

Zello Kiosk

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Cut the time needed to help your customers in the retail store with a strategically placed kiosk. When a customer pushes the help button on the tablet, any employees connected to the Zello Kiosk channel can easily respond from anywhere they are, improving service, minimizing the floor personnel needed, and reducing the steps and time needed to serve the customer.

Learn about Zello Kiosk

1 x Testimonial

Sim Shain

Advanced Life Support Coordinator of Hatzolah of Central NJ and the Operations Coordinator for Hatzolah Statewide

Zello works perfectly for us because we can expand and broaden our network anywhere. Yesterday I was flying to Houston and I could communicate with our team from 35,000 feet, which is something I could never do otherwise.

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